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Below a collection of some of my London winter wonderland photos I took on monday. There are a few panoramas as well, but they will come separate. I would not mind a few more of these great mondays….

London in Snow

Today was definitely a very special day for me . I was extremely excited when I got up in the morning at 7am to walk to work today, as it was quite forseeable that London’s public transport will not be able to keep up with the extreme weather conditions. The atmosphere amongst the people on the streets gave today the feeling of a bank holiday or the biggest photo competition London has ever seen. Nearly everyone, including myself  was armed with a camera  to capture the rare sight of approx 25-30 cm of snow. Below is one of my photos of the music pavilion in Battersea Park. I took quite a lot of photographs, so it might take a few days to put them online,  please be patient.

Battersea Pavilion February 2009