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I was lucky to get out once more to take some pictures of some great underwater life in Wessex.The underwater world seemed slightly different from my recent trip to Cornwall.

Underwater life included: Spider Crab, Stingray, Lobster, Crab, Conga Eel(only blurry image, but it was quite large), Hermit Crab, a variety of fish, Lemon Sole, Seastar(one was even feeding on a seashell)

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Having tried to identify one little creature I photographed last weekend in Cornwalls (south Coast), I assume I may have come across the Turritopsis dohrnii. This  specific breed of jellyfish  has developed a way to live forever by  morphing back to its infant stage after reproducing, thus recreating its own lifespan.

Below you can see one:

Turritopsis dohrnii by Anatol Just 2012, Immortal Jellyfish

To view more images from my freediving in Cornwall and some images I have taken during a AIDA** certification course with Freedive UK, please click here

Due to the second volcanic ash cloud, coming  as a result of the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano, our return flights from Lanzarote have been delayed by seven days. This gave me more opportunity to take photographs, including shots from a nightdive and some exciting kite-surf stunts.

I love freediving and Lanzarote offers a lot of different places to explore the underwater world where you can find school of small to large fish, Angel Sharks, Stingrays, TriggerFish, Sepia and more.

One  amazing location for freediving is a spot between Puerto del Carmen and Porto Calero. If you swim about 70 meters off shore, you can view 2 wrecks in around 20 meters depth. I have managed to take a panorama of both of these, which I will include in my Lanzarote Gallery.

Below is one of the panoramas of the wrecks I have explored

Wreck Lanzarote

I just received a photo from around 25 years ago, proving that some passions start early in life. My brother took this photo with his first underwater camera.

underwater portrait

I promised to select a few photos from our amazing holiday to the Laguna resort in the Maldives.

More to be found in the Maldives Section

Underwater flower bouquet