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Always nice to find little treasures. If you take a lot of photographs, and keep them on some disc somewhere, you are obviously prone to forget what you have. This was taken last summer in France on the way back to the UK.


I found this little signet under careful watch of its mother in Battersea Park.


Whilst doing a little bit of gardening, I have come across a moth with one leg missing. Quite interesting, how they always feel most at ease holding on to a leaf.



Wish I had the energy of these kids dodging the waves in Ventnor on the Isle of White.


Went to the Isle of White yesterday and got some really nice and moody photographs.One to start with…more to follow.

Ventnor on the Isle of White

Who would believe that this photograph has been taken with a 15 seconds exposure. The rabbit was just sitting there in the middle of the night, with only a minimal amount of light from a nearby lantern.Easter Rabbit

This photo has been taken in Greenwich Park looking on to the Maritime Museum and Canary Wharf in the background. maritime-museum-greenwich-2009

Rollerblading to work today I came past Cannon Street, where I got ino position to take a photograph of a bicycle stand and the shadow it cast on the ground in front of it. Instantly a policeman appeared out of nowhere asking me about my motive taking photographs. He requested my ID and took my name and address down. After a long discussion he told me that he would tolerate my activity and sent me on my way. Here is the photograph:cannon-street

I have added some photographs from a trip to Denmark into What I Like