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I decided to experiment a bit more with infrared photography and have taken this shot in Clapham Common Park in London today. I have used a long exposure of around 5 minutes to capture this shot. Since the sun was not too strong at the time, the photograph has some extra noise, but I think it just adds to the character of the image.

Below you will find a fine example of a book plugin, that lets you view my images in book format. You can either drag the pages or double click on the bottom edge to change page. I will consider this option to give my visitors better and nicer options than having to open single thumbnails.

I hope you enjoy it.

[book id=’2′ /]

I found this little signet under careful watch of its mother in Battersea Park.


Another nice example of the great Macro capabilities of my Canon G9. This fern grew in some grassy patches off the coast of Woolacombe.