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Below you will find a fine example of a book plugin, that lets you view my images in book format. You can either drag the pages or double click on the bottom edge to change page. I will consider this option to give my visitors better and nicer options than having to open single thumbnails.

I hope you enjoy it.

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I have just added quite a few more images to the Rock Hill Gallery. Please click on the image below to see all of them.

Rock Hill-2-1 (46).jpg

I just uploaded a few images from my trip to Rock Hill, South Carolina. At the moment I only have quite random shots, incl. insects, but more should follow soon.


Unbelievable which transformations nature provide, by changing the creature as seen below into a cute ladybug.Funny enough I have already posted an image of a ladybug a few month ago. . This larva was found on a colleagues shirt and everyone was completely stunned by the grim looks of this little creature.


Another nice example of the great Macro capabilities of my Canon G9. This fern grew in some grassy patches off the coast of Woolacombe.


Whilst doing a little bit of gardening, I have come across a moth with one leg missing. Quite interesting, how they always feel most at ease holding on to a leaf.


I promised to select a few photos from our amazing holiday to the Laguna resort in the Maldives.

More to be found in the Maldives Section

Underwater flower bouquet

Being amazed by the size and form of the jaw of a seabream we had for dinner 2 weeks ago, I decided to clean up the remains to take some photographs. I have cooked the jaw in water and detergent for a little while and then marinated it in a little bleach cocktail for 2 days. The result is what you can see below.

The jaw of a seabream(fish) The size is around 20mm.seabream jaw

from an Office spider’s point of view

 Aranea (latin:spiderweb) at Inition

A photo of Daniela and Tim’s daughter Rosa Mae holding my finger.

Rosa Mae holding my finger