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Looking through my old images, I have found a photograph, which I have taken a year ago. The sea on the south west coast of France was really rough and we noticed a few people standing at the waterfront. As we got closer we saw a couple of guys in the water, surfing in the massive waves. The photo had to be cropped and lost some quality, but I still love it.

Just came back from Tolouse in France and enjoyed myself for a few days. We had a walk with friends on the Rivert Garonne in the early evening hours. The bridge “Pont Neuf”, which is actually the oldest bridge of Toulouse featured a lovely display of changing colours introduced by illumination from below.

Pont Neuf-Anatol Just 2009

Always nice to find little treasures. If you take a lot of photographs, and keep them on some disc somewhere, you are obviously prone to forget what you have. This was taken last summer in France on the way back to the UK.


I took this photo in France at the annual Ripcurl Pro Surf competition with my amazing Sigma Anatol Just - RipCurl Pro Surf competition Hossegorzoomlens.

I took this photo last year in the southwest of France. The coastline is beautiful and a long stretch of the beach is part of a natural reserve.Southwest France Very recommendet!