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I decided to experiment a bit more with infrared photography and have taken this shot in Clapham Common Park in London today. I have used a long exposure of around 5 minutes to capture this shot. Since the sun was not too strong at the time, the photograph has some extra noise, but I think it just adds to the character of the image.

I have never seen such a well fed squirrel before, until we got stalked by this very friendly example. Just a moment before it fed on some wheat someone put out for the birds I assume, when it noticed us and provided a perfect model for this photograph.

Squirrel-Anatol Just 2009

I went to the Clapham Common Fireworks Display, which started yesterday at 7.30pm. The display was really great and surprisingly was free to attend. If you go to the Battersea Park one on Saturday, then you will have to fork out £7….

Made me feel like new year!

Clapham Common Fireworks-Anatol Just 2009