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I had the pleasure to take photographs of a friends cat the other day in my studio. Trying to get Phoenix, the red tabby, to pose for images, I seem to have upset it with a very strong reaction. The result can be seen below.

Phoenix Angry Cat AnatolJust-2012

A few snippets from our christmas breakfast a few days ago.

A little christmas feast by Alittleaustrian 2010 from Anatol Just on Vimeo.

Seems like I am gradually converting this site into one specializing in cat portaiture. Not really, but I have to say they make great subjects to photograph, as they are completely unpredictable. But still once you had your lucky moment you will be able to recognize their particular character.

I always believe in having a camera ready to react to any quick opportunity taking a great photograph. I believe this was one of those moments, when our cat  was just going through a cleaning routine on the sofa. I just finished a shoot 20 minutes before and still had all the lights set up. I hope you enjoy….

rocco the cat

Below is a photo of one of our cats. I managed to get that shot this morning as she was trying to get my attention sitting in direct light from our tablelamp. I have tried many times, but this is definitely the best photo I got so far