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Always nice to find little treasures. If you take a lot of photographs, and keep them on some disc somewhere, you are obviously prone to forget what you have. This was taken last summer in France on the way back to the UK.



I took this photo in France at the annual Ripcurl Pro Surf competition with my amazing Sigma Anatol Just - RipCurl Pro Surf competition Hossegorzoomlens.

I took this photo last year in the southwest of France. The coastline is beautiful and a long stretch of the beach is part of a natural reserve.Southwest France Very recommendet!

I promised to select a few photos from our amazing holiday to the Laguna resort in the Maldives.

More to be found in the Maldives Section

Underwater flower bouquet

The following photograph shows one of my little fun projects. I have used one of my 3D scans that was taken of my face and created a 3D CAD model of a chocolate bar thatwas then 3D printed on  a 3D Systems Projet. I have taken a mold of the model in a food rated silicone that was then used to produce chocolates in the shape of my face…more info on 3D scanning and 3d printing can be found on ThingLab

Eat my Face

A photo of Daniela and Tim’s daughter Rosa Mae holding my finger.

Rosa Mae holding my finger