I have made the decision to go freelance.

Since my interests are quite wide spun, but follow all one route, mainly the process of creation, I have found that I will need to be able to direct my own life a bit more and allow myself to be more creative again. Through the years I have gained experience across a wide range of disciplines, which are all strongly interlinked.

Before I started to use computers my work involved a lot of hands on approach and practical problem solving.

When I was 13 years old I started to experiment with a lot of traditional techniques for jewellery designs and making . From using only wire to create ornamental pieces of jewellery to soldering and using different types of casting, including cuttle fish sasting, sand casting and lost wax casting. Even carving animal bones, very much like old native tribes would have done it, allowed me to experiment with a wide array of materials and techniques.

This experience triggered the thinking that if you can do the small intricate things, then the large things should easily be possible as well.

Always striving for perfection got me to work with computers, as it deemed necessary to be able to best communicate any idea is to use 3D visualisation. Most people I have met had difficulty understanding 2D drawings or sketches, so the best choice was to specialise in 3D Designs.

I then went on to study a degree in 3D digital Designs, which one could describe as multimedia studies with a strong focus on 3D graphics.

More soon…

Other random facts:

  • I am the son of puppeteers
  • I started trading on the streets of my hometown at the age of 3
  • I love photography
  • I like to play the guitar
  • I am learning the piano
  • I am a very visual person
  • I have recently found, or admitted that I am a photoholic