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Being amazed by the size and form of the jaw of a seabream we had for dinner 2 weeks ago, I decided to clean up the remains to take some photographs. I have cooked the jaw in water and detergent for a little while and then marinated it in a little bleach cocktail for 2 days. The result is what you can see below.

The jaw of a seabream(fish) The size is around 20mm.seabream jaw

from an Office spider’s point of view

 Aranea (latin:spiderweb) at Inition

This photo was taken today, Tuesday 13th of Jan 2009 at 13.33pm in Great Eastern Street, East London.

I think I found a great way to let people disappear from my photographs without post-processing .

Great Eastern Street, London at lunchtime

We took a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday afternoon strolling along the riverbed of the Thames. Amazing what we found: From pottery to bones that looked very much like the femur of a human being to a very well kept old claypipe.



Below a panoramic photo I took at the place I found the pipeBattersea river walk

The following photograph shows one of my little fun projects. I have used one of my 3D scans that was taken of my face and created a 3D CAD model of a chocolate bar thatwas then 3D printed on  a 3D Systems Projet. I have taken a mold of the model in a food rated silicone that was then used to produce chocolates in the shape of my face…more info on 3D scanning and 3d printing can be found on ThingLab

Eat my Face

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 to everyone.

This is my first time celebrating Christmas in London.

 It is quite nice and more quiet than usual, but I miss the snow.May all your wishes come true


This photo is made of a series of stitched photographs which were postprocessed in Adobe Photoshop.

Church in Salzburg-Parsch/Austria. Modified 360 panorama

A photo of Daniela and Tim’s daughter Rosa Mae holding my finger.

Rosa Mae holding my finger

Macro shot of a beetle