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On my way home I spotted large columns of smoke rising up on the horizon. The smoke came from a fire that started a few hours earlier.

The weather today is amazing, so I decided to use my rollerblades to get to work (approx: 8-9miles) The best part about this is that I get to take some photos on the way.


Below some recent tests with different exposures. All taken with a Canon G9.

Below are 3 test photos I have taken today.Comments are always welcome. Thanks

Below a collection of some of my London winter wonderland photos I took on monday. There are a few panoramas as well, but they will come separate. I would not mind a few more of these great mondays….

Being amazed by the size and form of the jaw of a seabream we had for dinner 2 weeks ago, I decided to clean up the remains to take some photographs. I have cooked the jaw in water and detergent for a little while and then marinated it in a little bleach cocktail for 2 days. The result is what you can see below.

The jaw of a seabream(fish) The size is around 20mm.seabream jaw

This photo was taken today, Tuesday 13th of Jan 2009 at 13.33pm in Great Eastern Street, East London.

I think I found a great way to let people disappear from my photographs without post-processing .

Great Eastern Street, London at lunchtime

We took a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday afternoon strolling along the riverbed of the Thames. Amazing what we found: From pottery to bones that looked very much like the femur of a human being to a very well kept old claypipe.



Below a panoramic photo I took at the place I found the pipeBattersea river walk

Macro shot of a beetle